About us

K-E Nordgrens Rederi was founded in 1974 by Kent-Erik Nordgren
He started with tugboats towing timber to paper mills on the Swedish coast, mainly from Finnish and Swedish ports.

Towing timber became old fashioned in the beginning of the 80’s.
The tugs were replaced by a 499 GRT paragraph vessel by the name of NIVA.
Although the connection to the Swedish timber industry remained, a wider variety of commodities
together with the trading area around Europe developed.
By the end of the eighties the fleet contained three vessels between 1200-5000 DWCC.

In the beginning of the Nineties the trading area expanded further with the 12 000 ton BRUNTO which
were engaged world wide.

In the middle of the Nineties the former SCA-vessels Holmsund (Menominee) / Tunadal (Marinette) and Munksund
were taken over and engaged in trading between Great lakes/North America and Europe.
This covered many different cargoes but mainly woodpulp, sawn timber, boards, wire rods and plaster boards.
Our direct contract clients were Abitibi consolidated, Bowater, Kruger, Tembec, Smurfit-Stone, Marathon Pulp inc, Great lakes pulp&fibre
Klausner, British Gypsum, Knauf and others.

From the change of Millenium and with a declining market situation the number of vessels decreased from a total of eight vessels
with a total over 50 000 TDW ending up in 2008 with m/v Landy serving Domsjö Fabrik in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden.
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